Oatlands Girl
Glasgow. Scotland. UK
Medium : Polished 316L stainless steel.
Dimensions : 4 metres high

The finished sculpture represents the aspirations and future hopes for the Oatlands community and reflects on the past heritage of the area.  The girl's profile represents the youth and future of Oatlands. Pages float from her head, each one engraved with names of local places and memories recounted by the older residents. This image of youth looking out towards the community symbolises the continued growth and aspirations for the future generations of Oatlands and was directly influenced by the input of the children of Oatlands.
Commisioned by. Avant Homes                      Full text

One Flock
Virginia. USA
Medium : Polished stainless steel.
'One Flock' represent the symbiotic relationship between people and the the natural world. It drew references to the rising sea level in the area and relationship with the community and their natural environment. The sculpture was completed in four weeks working in close collaboration with local companies in Virginia. The sculpture was constructed  with over one hundred water jet cut heron profiles, each one individually shaped and welded together to create a flowing representation of one flock ascending from the rivers edge. Four figures finished in mirrored stainless steel stand like sentinels guarding the flock. One Flock represents the connection we have with nature. The installation symbolises the inter-dependency between nature and the human race.
Funded by National Endowment for the Arts USA.         Full text


Zingst, Germany
Medium : Polished 316L stainless steel.