Public Art 2020

Flock Sphere

Amble, Northumberland, England, UK

Flock Sphere was inspired by the abundant birdlife and location near the estuary. The sculpture has been created using cut stainless steel bird shapes that are interlocked and welded to form a three dimensional sphere.  An open entrance on one side allows people the opportunity to enter the sphere and become part of the bird flock, thus creating an immersive and unique experience.

Rob Mulholland Sculpture, Flock Sphere, Amble

The ability to experience the sculpture from both outside and inside encourages interaction with the sculpture and offers the potential to develop one’s own creative approach through photography and video looking out from within the sculpture. This special viewpoint also allows the viewer to consider their own relationship with natural world and more specifically the relationship they have with the world of ornithology. This interrelationship between humans and the natural world is a key aspect of my artistic practise and is in line with my current interest as an artist.