Public Art 2015

Wishaw, Scotland UK
NHS Primary Healthcare Project
Medium : Stainless steel
Dimensions : 8 metres high

Emergence‘ pays homage to the industrial heritage of Wishaw. The curved steel plates emerging from the ground are symbolic representations of the subterranean steel pits once found within the foundry. The rigid geometric steel forms emerge through the ground and slowly transform, morphing in shape as they ascend, changing into organic forms as they float upwards. This flowing transition represents the positive changes that the new centre hopes to bring to the community. It conveys the physical and emotional sense of growth and development associated with a feeling of well-being, unburdened and free to drift beyond the confines and constraints of physicality. The sculpture connects with the space and works in harmony with the architectural framework allowing the piece to be viewed throughout the building.

Pod and Husk
Trossachs, Scotland UK
Woodland Trust
Medium : Galvanised steel and COR-TEN
Dimensions : 2 metres high