Public Art 2013


Cuningar Woodland Park
Glasgow, Scotland UK
Medium : Polished 316L stainless steel
Dimensions : 6 metres high

The artistic concepts of Constructivism and De-constructivism have always intrigued Rob.  Earlier in his career he was drawn to the manifesto of the Russian Constructivist Vladimir Tatlin, in particular his Monument to the Third International [ 1919 ] Tatlin’s Tower.  Rob was interested in this fusion of Architecture and Fine Art as a social and political statement.
With Skytower Rob refers to this manifesto; in particular the vein of utilitarian art established by Tatlin and Rodchenko in the period up to the Constructivist exhibition at the 1922 Russische Ausstellung in Berlin. Skytower, while referring to constructivist ideology also aims to introduce the factors of natural chaos and de-construction.  This balance between order and chaos, force and reaction is observed and reflected in Skytower.
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Random act of Deconstructivism
Vyksa, Russia 2013
Medium : Steel tube
Dimensions : 4 metres high

Rob was invited by the curators of International Arts Residence in Moscow to create a landmark sculpture for the new International Sculpture Park in Vyksa, Russia. The event was co-ordinated as part of the 2013 Art-Ovrag International Festival which involved over 300 visual artists and performers in dance and music from over the world. The commission brief was to create a link with 20th century Russian Avant-garde and present contemporary art aesthetics. Rob was drawn to the work of Russian Constructivists for inspiration, particularly sculptors Tatlin and Gabo. With this historical reference Rob decided to design a de-constructed tower.
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Infinity Knows no Reason
Envies Rhonements 2013
Port St Louis, France
Curated by Le Citron Jaune
Medium : Polished stainless steel
Dimensions : 2.4 metres high

This sculpture installation in the Boise Francoise near Port St Louis, Provence in Southern France explores the concept of infinite space. The two free-standing mirrored sculptures are aligned to capture and reflect the natural environment.  A single tree and its surroundings are multiplied, as the image reflects from one mirror to the other, creating an illusion of infinity.
An ambiguity and tension is created as the viewer is drawn into the void that is created with this distorted space. The effect is like searching into a tunnel.  The underlying message is that our environment will always re-generate and adapt to our changing world.     Full text


Sentinels of the Sea
Envies Rhonements 2013
Curated by  Le Citron Jaune
Medium : Polished stainless steel.
Dimensions : 1.8 metres high
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The Watchers
Lake Constance, Germany
Medium : Mirrored Stainless steel

The gardens on the island of Mainau in Southern Germany are spectacular. In the summer the gardens attract over 10,000 visitors each day. Rob was commissioned by the Bernadotte Family to create an installation of seven mirrored figures to be placed in the small lake near the entrance. The figures act as sentinels to the park, absorbing and reflecting the light and colour of their surroundings.
The exhibition was open to the public from May to the end of October 2013.      Full text