Death in Hikkaduwa
Sri Lanka 2018
Medium : Mixed media
Death in Hikkaduwa was conceived during the first weeks of my art residency in Hikkaduwa, an enclave populated with sun kissed surfers and tourists escaping the winter weather to enjoy the warm and sunny climate of Sri Lanka.  It struck me how different this tourist town was - with its night clubs and trendy cafes - to the small working towns and villages only a few kilometres away. It felt as if we were contained within an invisible bubble.
I wanted to find a way to express this perceived divide and consider how even today Sri Lanka is being economically invaded and controlled by foreigners. Have the Chinese replaced the British?  They have certainly invested vast amounts into every aspect of business on the island and now control the port of Hambantota. Like the British in the 19th century they understand the power of commerce.             Full text click here